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Bill Stacey

Bill Stacey – Director of Kolleen’s Kards Initiative
Kolleen's Kards - Kolleen's Battle with Ovarian Cancer
Bill - Kolleen's Kards
(Kolleen's Battle with Ovarian Cancer)

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ll be 65 on the first of July. I made a career as a tool and dye maker and was forced to retire in 2008 because of two surgeries. Kolleen and I both had cancer, however, mine was prostate cancer. After surgery to take care of the cancer, I knew there was no way I could take care of Kolleen and myself, plus the house and work, so I took early retirement. It ended up working out really well. After I retired I began to wonder how I had time to even work before.

She and I met on Oct 20, 1964, when she was still a senior in high school. We dated for two years and got married in May of 1966, and had 43 wonderful years of married life together.

What made you decide to turn Kolleen’s artwork into greeting cards?

Kolleen's Kards - About
Bill - Kolleen's Kards
(About Kolleen's Kards)

Kolleen actually did this all by herself. We printed some one year and she was happy with the quality but she didn’t want to order the large amount required by the printers and so we bought a nice printer and she did it. There are over 60 different designs and some I didn’t find until after her passing. She would do them while I was at work or late at night. She would paint large pictures, then take a picture of it and put it into the computer. Everyone talked about how much of an inspiration she was to them.

What is your dream for the Kards?

My purpose is just to get the word out to women anyway I possibly can. Early detection would save thousands of lives, and save insurance companies thousands of dollars. There was no announcement until around 2008 that there were even signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. This is what Kolleen’s Kards help do…educate women on the symptoms of ovarian cancer through art. We want to educate doctors and nurses as well. It amazed us how little the doctors and nurses really knew about ovarian cancer. The cards are back out in circulation and about eight more designs have yet to be sent out. The cards sit out in different shops and restaurants around town and the surrounding area.

Kolleen's Kards - Kolleen and Johanna's Law
Bill - Kolleen's Kards
(Kolleen and Johanna's Law)

How can someone get involved with Kolleen’s Kards? 

There is a web site, www.kolleenskards.org where you can go to see some examples of the cards and can order right from the site.  If people have questions or comments or stories, they can contact me by filling out the contact form on the "Contact Us" page at kolleenskards.org.   WORD’s web site is on the back of the cards, and that’s just one more way people can find out more information. Education is the key.

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