The "WORD on HPV" is a 4 minute, character driven, animated educational short story that focuses on HPV and cervical cancer awareness.  In this film, Ashley learns about the risks, prevalence, and prevention tactics of HPV infection and how it is connect to cervical cancer.  Click here to see behind the scenes extras, or here for Credits.  To learn more about HPV, visit

"WORD on HPV" Animated Short:

"WORD on HPV" Behind the Scenes:


"WORD on HPV" - Behind The Scenes Video Podcast [Episode 1]

(HPV and Cervical Cancer Awareness)
In this Video Podcast Episode, a brief "teaser" and description of the, "WORD on HPV" educational animated short story is shown.
1:44 - Credits

"The WORD on HPV" 4min Educational Animated Story

"WORD on HPV - Behind The Scenes" [Episode 2]

(HPV and Cervical Cancer Awareness)
In this Video, we walk you through a "making-of" the "WORD on HPV" educational animated short story.  First, we show you a quick step-by-step of the animation process.  And secondly, we briefly explain the goals of the "WORD on HPV" project.
2:10 - Credits

"Whats The WORD" - Audio Podcast

Phone interview with David Bossert, the director and producer of WORD's new animated short story about HPV and cervical cancer entitled, "WORD on HPV".

WhatsTheWORD Podcast Bossert Interview 0710 by wordoncancer


"WORD on HPV" Credits:


Produced & Directed by

David Bossert

Written by:

Doug Segal

Music Composed & Conducted by:

Mark Watters

Production Services

Provided By:

DUCK Studios

Executive Producer: Mark Medernach

Producer: Daniel Ridgers

Editor: Hoa Mai

Animation Directors:

Phil Nibbelink & Andrew Austin


    TONYA:                MALANIE:

Tempest Bledsoe     Giselle Anthony


Kat Cressida

Executive Producers:

Nathan Manahan & Chad Braham

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